Responsible Gaming Policy

We are committed to making responsible gaming a priority at Bitspinwin, and we take this issue very seriously.

While many players can enjoy our services on a daily basis without having the slightest issue, it does not mean that there cannot be a small portion of players who develop serious issues over time regarding casino gaming.

To protect those players, we designed this policy and trained our customer support employees to make sure that they can identify and assist players who have developed a casino gaming problem.

1. What is Responsible Gaming?

The online gaming market, in general, has been very prevalent for the past few years. As the popularity of the industry skyrocketed, certain responsibilities for both operators as well as players became evident.

Therefore, responsible gaming practices have become crucial in assisting players as well as platforms that offer casino games. So, what exactly is “responsible gaming”?

Responsible Gaming is a notion that revolves around prevention. It is a set of rules, as well as policies, that prevent players from potential negative consequences of online casino gaming.

The core principle for this type of policy is the creation and maintenance of a socially responsible gaming environment as well as the provision of tools that players can utilize in order to stay on the safe side.

2. Why It is Important?

Every online casino, betting site, and similar platforms should have a responsible gaming policy in order to protect their players as well as themselves.

In general, these websites are required to allow their user base/players to set their own financial limits, have an option of short-term as well as long-term self-exclusion schemes, provide those players with info regarding their expenditure patterns, and take control of the case whenever they see a pattern that indicates the potential development of gaming problems in those users.

However, even if all these steps were done correctly by gaming platforms, there is still a chance that the policy will fail, and certain users will have gaming problems in the end. Therefore, there should be strict rules and regulations for such cases as we implement at BitSpinWin.

2.1 The list includes:
  • Protecting vulnerable players by providing them with the necessary tools for responsible gaming
  • Having a list of players who need to commit to self-exclusion and informing them immediately about the case while taking the necessary steps
  • Maintaining a secure online environment for gaming
  • Incorporating a set of safety measures to prevent criminal activities by fraudulent players
  • Having an online payment protection that can prevent criminal activities, as well as protect the players
  • Preventing underage gaming
  • And finally, complying with responsible as well as ethical marketing rules

If the platform does not utilize such principles and does not have a responsible gaming approach, it can result in a disaster sooner or later. Therefore, it is very important for both players and operators to abide by the rules, which will ultimately create a safer gaming environment.

3. BitSpinWin’s Commitment to Responsible Gaming

In order to help our players in responsible gaming, we provide them with various educational materials that can be found in our blog section. Our writers produce numerous articles weekly to keep the players informed about various aspects of online casino gaming. Such tips are vital to making better-informed decisions, and we are committed to continuing to provide our users with valuable insights.

We are also very strict when it comes to age verification. To this end, we employ KYC to make sure that no underage person has an opportunity to engage in casino games.

However, that’s not all. Our users have access to their transactions, which is the best way to keep track of their expenses. Thanks to this data, players can exercise restraint when they overspend and pause whenever they feel it is necessary.

Finally, BitSpinWin also provides efficient customer support, which is available 24/7. Players can reach out to our customer support team with any requests. This also includes assistance when players are emotionally charged after their gaming sessions.

4. Responsible Gaming: Steps to Take

In order to get the best casino gaming experience, you must first find an accountable online casino that cares about its players - something you have already done. Now it’s your turn to do your part, commit to responsible gaming, and then dive into the endless fun that the platform offers.

Here are 9 tips that will help you to stay responsible when playing casino games:

4.1 Focus on Having Fun

When playing online casino games, it is essential to focus on having fun. If you only concentrate on profits, this can lead to problems. It goes without saying that the opportunity to earn money is a significant factor that contributes to the thrill of online gaming. However, it is not the primary factor.

Directing your attention to having a fun time will only make your gaming sessions more entertaining. Plus, you will be able to cope with losses with ease!

4.2 Set Budget

You can also determine a budget for your gaming sessions. You can do it weekly or monthly.

We always have a budget for groceries, utilities, etc. So, why not have it for entertainment, too? If online gaming is your favorite form of entertainment, setting a budget will help you to remain responsible and better control your expenses.

4.3 Don’t Play When You Are Emotional

Some online casino games are perfect for relaxation. However, this doesn’t mean they can be a solution when you are emotionally charged. Try to avoid engaging in online gaming when you are overwhelmed with emotions. At this time, we tend to be less rational, which can lead to irresponsible financial decisions.

4.4 Don’t Play When You Are Under Influence

We also recommend that you do not engage in online gaming when you are under the influence of alcohol. The same goes for other substances. As in the case of being emotionally charged, if you are under the influence of any substance, you need to remember that you are not in the best position to make rational choices. Try to play online casino games only when you are sober. This will help you to avoid financial mistakes that can be hard to correct later on.

4.5 Take Pauses Frequently

Taking pauses frequently when playing casino games can also help you to stay levelheaded. The brief pauses serve as a great tool to have a cool-off. During these breaks, you will be able to evaluate better whether it is worth to continue playing.

4.6 Don’t Chase Losses

Chasing losses is the worst strategy you can choose when playing at online casinos. Don’t be emotionally invested with your losses. Instead, try to consider it an expense in exchange for a fun time. If you chase your losses, this can lead to more losses, a never-ending circle.

4.7 Play with Your Own Money

Never take loans for playing online casino games. It’s important to remember that when it comes to casino gaming, there are no guaranteed returns. So, you should not expect your gaming session to pay off your loans. That is why you should always play with your own money.

4.8 Seek for Help Whenever You Need It

It is also important to be open about having problems with gaming. This form of entertainment can be pretty addictive, and lots of people suffer from it. If you feel that you are having casino gaming issues, remember that you are not alone. There are numerous programs and consultants that can help you solve your problem.

If you have an immediate need, you can also contact the customer support of your online casinos. As we pointed out above, BitSpinWin has a responsive customer support team, which will provide you with all the necessary information that you may need in such a case.

4.9 Always Read the Game Rules

Never start playing a game if you don’t know its rules. There are many instances when users start playing a particular new title, hoping that they will figure out the rules on the go. This is a financial mistake that you should never commit.

Always try to read the rules and learn all about the game features first. Start playing the game only after you feel confident you are already familiar with how it works.


If we notice that you are underage, we’ll cease all your winnings and have the right to report the issue to local authorities. Therefore, we advise you not to engage in any gaming activity if you are under 18 or 21, depending on the area that you are living and the legal gaming age in your state.

6. Seek Help if You or Someone You Know Have Gaming Problems

Help is available for all the players who are suffering from gaming problems. You can check out the list of informative as well as helpful resources below:

National Council on Problem Gaming